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Feature Editorial: “The Ford’s Know Best” (September 2018)

  • As contributing editor for the Fall 2018 issue of TABLE, I interviewed HGTV stars Leanne and Steve Ford to discuss their Pitssburgh roots, style inspirations, and the work that goes into making their hit television series.

“Iced Tea + Mojitos = Moteatos” (June 2018)

  • I wrote the intro to this recipe for Moteatos cocktail drink featured in the Summer 2018 issue of TABLE.

“Pounded Tuna Carpaccio” (June 2018)

  • I wrote the intro to this tuna capraccio recipe featured in the cover story for the Summer 2018 issue of TABLE.

“Father’s Day Round Up” (June 2018)

  • A listicle of TABLE’s favorite restuarant’s and gifts to get dad

“Shake up: The Milk Shake Factory partners with Rivendale Farms to change the milkshake game” (June 2018)

  • I interviewed the CEO of Milk Shake Factory and head of Rivendale Farms to discuss their partnership and the delicious Rivendale ice cream

“Remake Learning Days: Top 5 Events We Just Can’t Miss” (May 2018)

  • A listicle promoting Pittsburgh’s Remake Learning Dat programs