Undergraduate Literature Conference

During the second half of my Junior year, I worked as head intern for the Undergraduate Literature Conference in the English department of the University of Pittsburgh. As head intern, I worked closely with English professor Amy Murray Twyning and headed a steering committee comprised of student volunteers. With their help I was able to make marketing materials for this year’s event, design merchandise featuring a new ULC logo to distribute to conference attendees, craft this year’s unique theme, create an online presence for the conference, and produce a brand new podcast project called Pitt Lit. Below you can find some of the graphics, flyers, and social media posts I made for the ULC throughout the semester, as well as a recording of the very first episode of the Pitt Lit podcast,where I sit down with Katie Ganon, a sophomore English literature student, to discuss her research on the representation of women in Victorian novels.

Marketing Materials

ULC Facebook

To increase public awareness of the ULC, I created an active Facebook page where I was able to post updates and proposal submission deadlines, circulate flyers online, and promote the upcoming conference events. By we end of the term, the page successfully gained 63 likes and 64 followers. In the future, this will allow the ULC to reach a relatively wide audience, increase proposal submissions by appearing to be an established organization to undergraduate students within the English Department at Pitt, and increase visibility for the department as a whole.

Visit the page

Screenshot of Undergraduate Literature Conference at Pitt - Home

Pitt Lit Podcast

As an avid podcast listener, I loved the idea of starting a podcast for the ULC, but not just to promote the ULC and the english department. I felt that it would be beneficial to have an outlet where English literature students could get experience talking about their research to a wider audience, while gaining some visibility and much needed recognition. The podcast felt like it could really help students. It was an ambitious idea, but one I was set on pursuing. After an arduous recording process and hours of editing, with the help of Katie Ganon, a volunteer on the ULC steering committee, Pitt Lit was born.

Listen below or follow the link to the ULC SoundCloud page.

| Pitt Lit|Episode 1: Animalistic Depictions of Women in Victorian Literature

Link to ULC SoundCloud page

Description: “Welcome to Pitt Lit, a podcast where we sit down with undergraduate literature students at Pitt to discuss their research. On our first episode, sophomore Katie Gannon talks to us about her project entitled,”Beauty and Beast: Animalistic Humanity in the Feminine Body in Victorian Literature.” Her research focuses on the Victorian Era when the human experience of a religious populace was threatened with the introduction of Darwinism, looking specifically at women in Victorian novels. She notes that as Darwinism gains prominence, the depiction of the feminine body becomes embued with animalistic qualities, highlighting the oppression of women during the period.”