Published Writing

Pitt Med: 

Something Was Missing” (December 2018)

“Gone Gene Gone” (December 2018)

“God Willing” (December 2018)

James Perel- Obituary (December 2018)


The Pitt News:

“Student-run Instagram celebrates the squirrel-ebrities of Oakland” (November 2018)

“Forbes Street Market Draws Price Competitions” (Contributing Reporter) (November 2018)

“Trump’s visit inspires community protests” (October 2018)

“Community hosts vigil to mourn victims of Squirrel Hill synagogue massacre” (Contributing Reporter) (October 2018)

“Pitt Professors talk faculty unionization at Frick Fine Arts” (October 2018)

“What readers need to understand about journalism” (Contributing Reporter) (October 2018)

“Pitt celebrates grand opening of CEC” (October 2018)

“Kava-NAH: Pittsburgh locals protest Supreme Court nomination” (October 2018)

“PennEnvironment hosts rally for clean air” (Contributing Reporter) (September 2018)

“Goatscaping behind Chevron” (Photo/Video) (August 2018)

“‘Dandy Andy’ tour takes a look at Warhol’s queer history” (August 2018)

“Future Tenant features feminist art in new exhibit” (July 2018)

“Duolingo debuts ‘Something Like Home’ documentary” (June 2018)

“People’s Pride passes on corporate sponsors, focuses on inclusion” (June 2018)

“Pitt protestors pressure Peduto on Shell plant” (June 2018)

“Lawrenceville Art Crawl leaves visitors in awe” (May 2018)

“Pappas Bids Adieu with ‘Hamlet’ ” (May 2018)


TABLE Magazine

Feature Editorial: “The Ford’s Know Best” (September 2018)

“Iced Tea + Mojitos = Moteatos” (June 2018)

“Pounded Tuna Carpaccio” (June 2018)

“Father’s Day Round Up” (June 2018)

“Shake up: The Milk Shake Factory partners with Rivendale Farms to change the milkshake game” (June 2018)

“Remake Learning Days: Top 5 Events We Just Can’t Miss” (May 2018)


Carnegie Mellon University International Film Festival:

Movie summaries and director bios

ABACUS: Small Enough to Jail (2016)

21xNew York (2016)

Old Stone/Lao Shi (2016)

I, Olga Hepnarova (2016)

Disturbing the Peace (2016)

Between Fences (2016)

El Futuro Perfecto (2016)

“Hypable Reader Review: ‘The Casual Vacancy’ shows Rowling’s dark and raw side” (2012)